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As more people choose more simplistic and affordable cremation options, funeral firms are searching for ways to effectively provide services from their traditional facilities. Simpler Times fills that need perfectly. It provides consumers with the convenience they seek and positions your firm as the one listening and responding to consumer's changing wishes. By offering these services and products separately from your traditional offerings, facilities, and overhead, you will establish stronger relationships with families by building trust. Consumers will select your firm for their immediate cremation needs and turn to your traditional funeral home for their more traditional needs.

Although each provider is independently owned and operated, the Simpler Times branded approach allows your firm to be part of a larger network. In turn, consumers can transfer their wishes across the network should circumstances in their lives cause them to relocate.

Simpler Times helps position your firm to effectively provide your community with the tools to easily choose the cremation services and merchandise they want. Together, we are offering the public A New World of Choice.

The program is designed to boost community awareness and regain consumers' trust in the funeral profession. Providers are also united through a national marketing identity, creating a foundation for an exclusive buying group to offer services and merchandise at pricing that is expected and appreciated by today's families.

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