About Simpler Times ®

Simpler Times is a program designed for those seeking simpler and more affordable alternatives to a traditional funeral and who expect funeral professionals to respect to their final wishes and budget.

Funerals do not need to be expensive; they just need to be what you want them to be.

Simpler Times is a program designed and adopted by a network of funeral professionals responding to the wishes of the general public. Simpler Times is not a broker! The network providers offer a variety of cremation service options while brokers direct people to companies that do not embrace the concepts of simple or choice. Brokers tend to guilt families into purchasing the costly extras they don't want or need and that go against the wishes of the deceased.

Simpler Times has stepped in to help consumers avoid the pitfalls associated with selecting from the multitude of alleged low-cost providers. We are here to ensure that you receive the funeral you want — no more, no less.

Our Philosophy

In the past, traditional funerals were expected and accepted by consumers as a necessity. But, the rising costs and perceived value of traditional funerals have created a shift. Traditional loyalties associated with funeral homes are dwindling; more consumers care little about geographic location, size of facilities, number of staff, or year and model of limousines.

grandfatehr and grandson fishing together

Today, families want a new range of choices for their at-need and pre-need cremation arrangements. They want more practical and less expensive solutions. They want less without feeling pressure to buy more. They want options that make sense to them and their budgets, and they will only choose to be served by those who support these values.

Simpler Times has stepped in to introduce families to a select group of funeral professionals who are listening and responding to consumers' changing needs and believe in their right to choice.

Simpler Times' comprehensive plan modernizes the way in which funeral professionals conduct business and interact with the public. The network addresses the demands and wishes of a growing segment of the population and offers A New World of Choice.